Our Moderately Medicated Mutt

When Tucker dies, we will not get another dog. I’ve said it to my wife and kids, and I’m pretty sure they’ve accepted the decision. “No more dog hair in the corners! No more pestering to go out every five minutes!” I’d exclaim, knowing damn well how foolish I look, grandstanding in my boxer briefs with much of the elastic waistband chewed out. I even told Tucker himself when I was sitting with him the other day. And after he took a moment to consider that he was, indeed, the last of the Vander Ark dogs, I let him off his leash to go after the squirrel that he’s been pestering me about. The one that has been clucking at him from the tree, teasing Tucker with it’s bushy tail. Though he

Cirque Du So Noooo!

Last night my wife, Lux, and I decided to treat our daughters, Evie (6) and Willow (22 mos) to a performance by Cirque Du Soleil at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI. Both Lux, and Evie are big fans of dance, while Willow and I prefer other activities, such as chewing on one of the dog’s toys, or watching football. (I leave it to you to discern who likes which activity.) The idea of spending $300 on a night out with the girls gave me pause, but I felt like this is something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. “Making memories”, is what I kept telling myself as I stuck the crowbar in my wallet, and pried out the debit card to pay the outrageous (making…) Ticketmaster (.

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